‘ULU’® Breathing Walls
'ULU'® Breathing Walls


This year marks an exciting advancement in the evolution of living plants walls. ‘Breathing’ (or ‘active’) living walls are an enhancement of the previous generation of ‘passive’ walls. What is the difference?

An active wall uses a powerful (yet acoustically quiet) air pump system to draw in dirty air (indoors or outdoors) and then uses the bacteria encased around the root system of the plants to clean that dirty air of particulate and toxins. This process is a naturally occurring phenomenon called ‘rhizo-filtration’. It is exactly how plants and trees interact with the soil in everything from permaculture to rain forests. In this neat 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.4m unit – the process is enhanced and so 54 plants can clean 600 litres of air PER MINUTE.

Because the system is optimised for rhizo-filtration to take place – the plants are not over-irrigated (as in many other living wall systems) due to a simple yet highly effective wicking system. The benefit of this is the unit can be installed anywhere close to a standard 240v power supply unit – and the water reservoir can last up to 21 days without being replenished (subject to plant choice and location – consultations available – please enquire through ‘contact us’).

Clean air is now an issue world wide and in many cities – an increasing cause of absenteeism from work, poor performance in the workplace, increased care costs of respiratory conditions (hospital admissions double during bad air days – source University of London – January 2017).

Sensescape is delighted to offer clients the most efficient breathing wall product currently available on the UK market.

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