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My summer of love…

I am no hippie, but this summer is 'auspicious' in as much as it's the 50th anniversary of San Francisco's infamous and highly controversial "summer of love" in 1967. Why then, if I'm not a 'disciple' would I call out such an event? Well - it spawned a movement. If you read the history of San Francisco that year - the 'hippie-hippie shake up' was actually quite a damp squib of an affair. Despite that - it spawned a movement and a genre still widely used today (even if on occasions - only for the … Read More »

The Nature of Business

The longer I work in the environmental business - the more I see opportunities and lessons from nature crossing over into organisations and that (often) most unnatural thing we call business. Years of working in a grey melamine cuboid environment gave me frequent lapses of concentration, headaches and precipitated many a mood that I'm sure led to poorer decisions being made and (if I were not alone in this state) an instant capping of much human potential at that particular moment or … Read More »

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