Sensescape for Residential Environments

Residential supplementary

“Thank you so much again for the outstanding service and the incredible living wall which you and your team created in one of our most recent developments. It is a true work or art and it is continually receiving compliments on what a gorgeous attraction it is. We look forward to more of your designs in the future”

Interior Architecture & Design Team – Specialist Prestige London Property Development Company

Even the smallest space can be turned into a luscious green haven.  Sensescape has put vertical living plant walls into basement light wells, tiny courtyards, larger ‘feature’ walls and in all manner of different aspects and locations. On top – we can add in scent and sound systems to really personalise your space. If you have really very low light levels – we can even blend artificial greenery with real plants too.

A vertical living plant wall in your garden or inside your home can assist with the following:

Aid the acquisition of residential planning permission. More borough and local councils wish to see environmental projects incorporated into designs.

Create a real ‘wow’ factor in selling a home. Sensescape is on and other similar sites.

Help to differentiate your home above others should you desire to rent it out.

Make your home healthier by harnessing the power of nature in your space – creating better air quality and natural atmospheric hydration.

We’ve exhibited at various home and garden shows including ‘Grow London’, ‘Islington Design Fair’ and regional smaller events outside London.  We can consult for your project at reasonable cost. If you choose Sensescape to realise it – all your initial consulting fees are refunded.

A sensescape increasingly adds value to your home – and can be such a striking feature that it means less investment needs to be made in other design arenas.  On top – our designs are fully maintained so all you have to do is enjoy them – no labour involved.

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