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“Thank you so much again for the outstanding service and the incredible living wall which you and your team created in one of our most recent developments. It is a true work or art and it is continually receiving compliments on what a gorgeous attraction it is. We look forward to more of your designs in the future”

Interior Architecture & Design Team – Joseph Homes Ltd

Gardens (whether large and prestigious) or small and space saving are becoming an increasingly sought-after design feature with any property. The needs of a garden vary enormously from individual to individual. How old & physically capable you are? How much time you want to spend both in (and on) the garden? If you have pets and children?. Whether you want to frame or ‘blot out’ a view? What orientation your space for  garden faces? And (of course) how much you want to spend?  Even the smallest space can be turned into a luscious green haven.  A garden adds financial value to your home – so you need to invest in it to reap both the financial and personal reward. Even if you are a very keen gardener – it pays to get insured and qualified professional help. It can save time and avoid expensive mistakes (such as planning regulations, possible site problems etc). Here’s how it works:

  • We make contact initially and have an informal chat
  • Depending on your location and the size/complexity of the garden – is an initial consultation. Although there is a small cost for this – it is redeemable on any design and construction work
  • Plans, methodologies & budgets are drawn up, discussed and agreed
  • Levels of service around ongoing support through the process are tailored to the level of service you realistically need

We’ve exhibited at various home and garden shows including ‘Grow London’, ‘Islington Design Fair’ and regional smaller events outside London.

For an informal chat – please contact us on the following number: +44 20 8638 6346

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