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Are you ‘dying’ for more productivity?

 Many offices are simply not healthy places. Poor heating, air-conditioning and a lack of proper ventilation is sadly very common. Many offices were constructed in the days when energy was cheap and ‘open plan’ was fashionable. Open plan also means more noise, more shared germs, poorer air quality and higher levels of employee stress. Stressed employees are not as productive and far more likely to take time off through illness.

It’s clear large scale adoption of plants indoors make a big difference to the quality of life.  However – new ACTIVE plant wall technology we can design, supply and fit now purifies the air in a building by sucking in and passing the stale, dirt, chemical and germ laden air through a special soil compound in the plant wall so clean, purified air emerges. The volumes of air being ‘conditioned’ naturally is phenomenal.

Thousands of litres of air are cleaned per hour from a very modestly sized wall. This makes your vertical living plant wall a smart, efficient, beautiful, natural way to keep your workforce alert and healthy. Research from many detailed university studies carried out in the environmental sector indicate that there can be a surprisingly substantial rise in psychological well-being from being close to plants indoors.  If you wish to know more about ACTIVE plant walls – please register with us via the Contact Page for our upcoming guide: ““How to energise your space – nurturing nature for your own good”.

Sensescape can also provide a tuning service to integrate your vertical living plant wall with scent, soundscapes and imagery to create a working environment that uniquely reflects what your company or organisation does – which helps to build a more cohesive workforce. On a final note – did you know you can overcome some of the ‘bouncing’ and reflected noise problems in open-plan offices with our modular plant wall designs? In some cases – this may reduce (or even negate) the need for costly office redevelopment schemes.

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