Sensescape for Commercial Environments

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Much has been written about the value of good space in which to work.

The reality for many however, is (still) a cheap melamine desk, bare walls, air conditioning systems that are serviced to the minimum standards of acceptable practice and compliance only with essential health and safety regulations such as fire risk etc. As our cities and towns become more crowded – and air quality degrades – so does the well-being of staff and residents. There are many more ‘sick’ buildings than there used to be. This is because the structures are closed and poor quality air is often captured at street level during peak commuting hours and circulated amongst those inside.

A good building is now far more than just a ‘style statement’ in the reception area. Numerous studies from NASA and leading global universities have consolidated research around a central theme that real greenery in (and near to) buildings is good. It benefits people to see it, as well as take toxins out of the air space such as particulate, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and ozone – all present in many modern buildings (especially those recently constructed or refurbished).

Greening in the form of garden and living plant wall design can take many forms and suit a variety of budgets. It can be rolled into branding themes, and can be effective in many forms of construction – from inexpensive wildflower areas through to complex ‘active’ living walls – where plants are working in systems specially designed to purify thousands of litres of air of toxins per day. Other benefits of greening up your environment include:

  • Lower ambient noise in rooms and atriums
  • Increase moisture content in the air lowering human conditions associated with ‘dry’ air
  • Increased concentration
  • Lower absenteeism

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