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Sustainable Gardens..

Last year - I completed a small project I was quite excited about. I set myself the challenge of using the absolute minimum amount of new materials and creating the smallest carbon footprint I could from buying and transporting only that which I absolutely had to - from the most local source. Last of all - I wanted the garden to 'melt' into the character period property, as if they belonged 100% with each other. The reasons for doing this are broadly as follows. Firstly, the garden design … Read More »

Design, Desire & Desperation

                  Image Credit: WORKMAN - Chip Kidd It's been some months now since I started on the garden design journey I decided to take in the summer. I am enjoying it, but I have to say it's been something of a rude cranial (re)awakening around the ticklish and (highly subjective) subject of design. Does form really follow function? Well, as one of those engineering-trained left-brain rooted folks - I've been … Read More »

My summer of love…

I am no hippie, but this summer is 'auspicious' in as much as it's the 50th anniversary of San Francisco's infamous and highly controversial "summer of love" in 1967. Why then, if I'm not a 'disciple' would I call out such an event? Well - it spawned a movement. If you read the history of San Francisco that year - the 'hippie-hippie shake up' was actually quite a damp squib of an affair. Despite that - it spawned a movement and a genre still widely used today (even if on occasions - only for the … Read More »

Image credit: Reverandandys Well - I have to confess, it's been quite a year on environmental matters. After the news blackout of Standing Rock last year - and the swift (and I suppose inevitable) reversal of the decision to arrest the Dakota oil pipeline last year by newly inaugurated Trump - we now learn from Stanford University economist Tony Seba - that he believes all diesel & petrol cars will be a thing of the past within just eight years. He further goes on to say even driving your … Read More »

Recognise anyone’s environmental policy?

In a world where everything has to always be so 'together' - environmental policy is the seeming Cinderella? I posted up on social media a rather short, pithy attack this morning on the destruction of 500 year old ancient forest on Mount Gariwang in preparation for the 2018 Pyeongchang winter Olympic games. A huge swathe of trees cut down for a downhill ski event that will last … three days. I wonder what would happen if you proposed to demolish St Paul's Cathederal as it was in the way of the … Read More »

Still thriving on chaos?

Tom Peters by penning 'Thriving on Chaos' re-shaped management theory for a generation. It's not a bad book at all - though many people I've worked with (and for) didn't quite put the theory correctly into practice. However - outside of management operations, I often ponder why humanity goes to such extreme, complex lengths to do things that come so naturally to other forms of life on this earth? We will go to any lengths sometimes to create something 'valuable' to solve a problem - even if … Read More »

The Ghost of Christmas Past?

picture credit: Viacom / Reuters So what exactly are we to make of ‘Black Friday’? The name suggests to me the aftermath of a terrorist atrocity. In fact – if you were in the unlucky position of being in one of many retail outlets up and down the country at 8am on Friday 28th November 2014 – you could probably be forgiven for having believed you were witnessing one (or perhaps even the outbreak of WW3). Is this the future of retailing? Let’s hope not. I’m afraid I’m one of those tirelessly … Read More »

What’s your space?

                  “Houston we have a problem”. Whilst the unfortunate astronauts on the fated Apollo 13 mission had a problem for sure – those serving to protect them and bring them back to earth bore huge responsibility. After man first landed on the moon with Apollo 11 – the benchmark for public interest had ‘peaked’. Questions were beginning to be raised about costs, and the risks, and the point. I grew up … Read More »

DIE Sels

Not so very long ago on my website – I wrote a blog called: “Give me some air”. At the time – the stand on air pollution in one pocket of the UK seemed to be a piece of localised government administrational madness. However – since then – it appears that the problem is most certainly real in cities – and guess what? Another piece of administrational madness helped create that too.   The issue? Our beloved ‘cheap to run’ personal diesel vehicles. Now – this is the UK – we like to hold … Read More »

“Give me some air”!

In the last few days – it’s been announced that a pilot section of the M1 in the South Yorkshire region will have 60mph speed limits placed on it “for some considerable period of time” in order to “improve the quality of the air”.  Thirty years ago – as an undergraduate – I travelled that section of the M1 regularly in the periodic commutes between university and home. All I remember of most of those drives was hanging onto the steering wheel of my ageing VW for grim death as howling cross winds … Read More »

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