Turning space into environment
“Give me some air”!

In the last few days – it’s been announced that a pilot section of the M1 in the South Yorkshire region will have 60mph speed limits placed on it “for some considerable period of time” in order to “improve the quality of the air”.  Thirty years ago – as an undergraduate – I travelled that section of the M1 regularly in the periodic commutes between university and home. All I remember of most of those drives was hanging onto the steering wheel of my ageing VW for grim death as howling cross winds … Read More »

Is your retail Iconic?

Retail is changing and it’s largely having a struggle. The age-old problems are there – theft, seasonality, fad and the disposal income available in the economy. Trouble is – there are some more now – and they are in many ways even greater. Technology has pushed much of retail online. More and more ‘cyber outlets’ spring up every year – with products and services unthinkable a few years ago. Software becomes ever more sophisticated at being able to provide warm feelings in the pre-selling … Read More »

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