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The Ghost of Christmas Past?

picture credit: Viacom / Reuters So what exactly are we to make of ‘Black Friday’? The name suggests to me the aftermath of a terrorist atrocity. In fact – if you were in the unlucky position of being in one of many retail outlets up and down the country at 8am on Friday 28th November 2014 – you could probably be forgiven for having believed you were witnessing one (or perhaps even the outbreak of WW3). Is this the future of retailing? Let’s hope not. I’m afraid I’m one of those tirelessly … Read More »

What’s your space?

                  “Houston we have a problem”. Whilst the unfortunate astronauts on the fated Apollo 13 mission had a problem for sure – those serving to protect them and bring them back to earth bore huge responsibility. After man first landed on the moon with Apollo 11 – the benchmark for public interest had ‘peaked’. Questions were beginning to be raised about costs, and the risks, and the point. I grew up … Read More »

DIE Sels

Not so very long ago on my website – I wrote a blog called: “Give me some air”. At the time – the stand on air pollution in one pocket of the UK seemed to be a piece of localised government administrational madness. However – since then – it appears that the problem is most certainly real in cities – and guess what? Another piece of administrational madness helped create that too.   The issue? Our beloved ‘cheap to run’ personal diesel vehicles. Now – this is the UK – we like to hold … Read More »

“Give me some air”!

In the last few days – it’s been announced that a pilot section of the M1 in the South Yorkshire region will have 60mph speed limits placed on it “for some considerable period of time” in order to “improve the quality of the air”.  Thirty years ago – as an undergraduate – I travelled that section of the M1 regularly in the periodic commutes between university and home. All I remember of most of those drives was hanging onto the steering wheel of my ageing VW for grim death as howling cross winds … Read More »

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