About Sensescape
About Sensescape

Richard Francis I’m Richard Francis, and I’ve loved plants and nature my entire life. I’m a qualified garden designer, environmentalist, artist, creator, and sustainability supporter. I relish working with clients to harness the power of nature and through that – create better environments both indoors and outdoors. In a healthy environment, people live their lives and perform better personally and professionally than in an unhealthy one. Nature always knows best, and all it sometimes needs is a bit of skilled tuning and engineering as packaging. Nothing else is needed.

The emergence of new thinking

With nearly eight billion people and lots more pollution, the developed (and developing) world needs to ‘up their game’ on improving public and privately owned space. Some towns and cities have turned over derelict or disused land to make community food and relaxation areas. Impressive (but often harsh) structures have been softened by the inclusion of natural planting schemes. Dense plant structures (such as living plant walls & roofs) have been used to remediate poor air quality – and species of insects, pollinators (and even some rare plants) have found their way back into cities and urban developments.

Spending a great time indoors is a relatively ‘new’ phenomena for humans. We are a species who relish the outdoors, and for this reason – interest in the outdoors and natural things is on the rise. Gardens, whether private or public – whether large and rambling country acreages or small vertical living plant walls in an inner city are now an important factor in developments in many countries – and are seen as a valuable selling feature. Other considerations are:

A good garden / green space will improve the re-sale value (and saleability) of your home, office complex, development or event

Beautiful outdoor space boosts psychological well-being

A business incorporating meaningful green space will have happier, more productive employees (and less absenteeism)

Air quality in ‘micro-climate space’ is becoming one of the most discussed environmental issues, and nature (as ever) has the solution

Increased exposure to well-designed natural surroundings lowers illness and the associated costs of treating a wide variety of conditions

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