About Sensescape
About Sensescape

Richard FrancisSensescape was founded by Richard Francis
Our purpose is to take a space – and turn it into a healthy, sensory environment using a combination of high density/small footprint vertical living garden walls, soundscapes, scent and imagery.

Improved human health in sustainable environments is now more important than ever. All indications are poor health in a poor environment are costing healthcare services and industry billions in lost productivity through reduced concentration and absenteeism.

The emergence of new thinking

Richard & the team behind Sensescape understand our way of life & work – together with what society values – is changing. Some of what has worked up until now – will not work tomorrow. We’ve been in poor environments and we know the value of creating a good one. We also understand the practicalities involved in their creation too. It isn’t just about aesthetics.

If you recognise any of these problems in your space – you need to register on ‘Contact Us’ for our upcoming guide: “How to energise your space – nurturing nature for your own good

Employers whose workforce seem to be perpetually ‘dulled’ by drowsiness, lack of concentration at work.

Retail space that seems to be ‘lack-lustre’ and seems to be losing the attention of shoppers browsing in store.

Restaurants looking to increase covers by providing a more individual atmosphere that reflects their cuisine.

Dull corners of a house can be transformed into stunning showpieces that will help sell, rent or simply increase dwelling pleasure.

Healthcare facilities can improve their offering by lowering patient stress and working towards faster recovery times.

Cities can lower the toxicity of consistently polluted air – reducing respiratory and other illnesses.

How can I create a real sensation as a backdrop to an event?

Up until recently – many solutions to the above problems have been complex, highly technical and costly to create. In addition – they have been difficult, or even impossible to relocate. We utilise cleverly packaged high-density vertical living garden walls, alongside optional portable and highly efficient compatible add-on services like sound and scent – you create what you want by working with nature – rather than fighting against it. These solutions can be purchased or rented.


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